Complete Point of Sale Solutions

The best POS and restaurant management solution


Why Nimble?

  • Independent and accessible.
  • Fully customizable solutions to meet your restaurant or franchise’s needs.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-train system and software.
  • Around-the-clock support for your business and staff. 

Who are you?

SmartPOS | Franchisee POS Systems


SmartPOS | Catering Services


SmartPOS | Brewery Point of Sale Systems


SmartPOS | Delivery and Pizza POS Systems

Pizza & Delivery

SmartPOS | Fast Casual POS Solutions

Fast Casual

SmartPOS | Full Service Restaurant POS Systems

Full Service

How do you want your business to succeed?

  • Increased sales and revenue?
  • Faster and more efficient service times?
  • Higher customer service ratings?

Nimble knows that accomplishing the above objectives without the proper system can overwhelm even the most seasoned owners and managers. Nimble gives you the tools you need by providing the best restaurant point-of-sale solution tailored specifically for YOUR business.

Serving the best restaurants in the Southeast and on the West Coast

Nimble’s unique mix of traditional brick and mortar is seamlessly hybridized with Online Hosted Applications in a way that provides our customers with the advantages of both systems. On-site hardware stability with live data access from anywhere in the world along with smartphone reporting on a daily or real-time basis keeps you in constant contact with your business.

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Full Service Installation

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