Why Your Point of Sale System Sucks


Your current point of sale system stinks because it doesn’t give you the flexibility to run your business your way and on your terms.

Consider the Following

Do you have a choice as to which payment processor you use, or do you have to use the one your point of sale system requires you to use? Without choices on payment processors, your business is forced to pay whatever rates and fees your POS system vendor determines. Unless you are a very large chain, you have no negotiating power with them. If you aren’t happy with their service or their rates and fees, your only recourse is to change your entire point of sale system.

Do you really have choices in online ordering providers, or are you limited to the one your POS vendor offers? This isn’t a question of DoorDash or Uber Eats integration, but if your restaurant has its own online ordering platform, can you choose which platform to use, or are you limited to your POS vendors own solution and paying whatever rates they deem appropriate for the privilege of using their system?

Do you have a choice in labor scheduling solutions, inventory management solutions, table management, kitchen display systems / bump solutions, or are you tied to the single in-house offering that your point of sale system vendor provides? Are these the best of breed solutions being offered, or just another generic solution that may or may not adequately meet your needs?

Do you have choices when it comes to where you buy your equipment from, or do you have to buy it directly from the POS vendor? 

When you buy in to a point of sale system, are you being treated like a customer that can pick and choose whatever works best for their business, or are you treated like a captive audience who doesn’t have a choice? Are you just another meal ticket?


As a restaurant owner, either you are the captain of the ship or a passenger; Either you are driving your business and making business decisions on the products, tools, and methodologies to best meet your needs, or your point-of-sale vendor is making those choices for you and you are just along for the ride.

If your point-of-sale system is driving the business decisions for your restaurant, your point of sale system stinks. 

Nimble has been built from the ground up to be flexible. Nimble doesn’t tie you to a single payment processor. Nimble doesn’t tie you in to a single Online Ordering platform. Nimble doesn’t tie you to in-house products. Nimble is a platform for you to run and expand your operations, not a funnel to drive more of your revenue to the POS vendor’s pocket.

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