A Toast to National Beer Lover’s Day, September 7th

Three exciting and important events will be happening tomorrow, September 7th.

As usual, it’s #ThirstyThursday, but in addition, the NFL season will officially kick off with a matchup between the reigning Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, and the Kansas City Chiefs. And finally, September 7th will be National Beer Lover’s Day.

National Beer Lover's Day

Beer is a major drink for all sports seasons, and the community that football season provides is only enhanced by friends gathering at their favorite bar or restaurant to take in the games. This “triple threat” of major events can greatly increase your restaurant’s sales tomorrow. We encourage all of you to win the day by running beer specials during the games and even all day if you are able. (You’ll also get another chance to celebrate the beer drinkers among your clientele with National Drink A Beer Day on Thursday, September 28th).

We at Aegis Foundry and Nimble will definitely be celebrating National Beer Lover’s Day tomorrow. In preparation, we had our some of our team members and friends provide their picks for the Ultimate Six-Pack. Check out their selections below.

HJ’s Ultimate Six-Pack

Six-Pack of Tusker Lager (East African Breweries, Kenya

Chris D’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Good People Coffee Oatmeal Stout (Birmingham, AL)

Terrapin Hopsecutioner (Athens, GA)
Trim Tab IPA (Birmingham, AL)
New Belgium Portage (Fort Collins, CO)
Abita Turbodog (Covington, LA)
Fairhope Brewing Judge Roy Bean Coffee Stout (Fairhope, AL)

Chris L’s Ultimate Six-Pack

Good People Brown (Birmingham, AL)
Sam Adams Octoberfest
Straight to Ale Monkeynaut IPA (Huntsville, AL)
Cahaba Brewing Oka Uba IPA (Birmingham, AL)
Back Forty Truck Stop Honey (Gadsden, AL)
Good People Snake Handler (Birmingham, AL)

Wendy B’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Six-Pack of Good People Brown (Birmingham, AL)

Tavis T’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Six-Pack of Mission Brewery Hard Root Beer (San Diego, CA)

Randall W’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Duck Rabbit Milk Stout x3 (Farmville, NC)
Fairhope Brewing Judge Roy Bean Coffee Stout (Fairhope, AL)
Good People Coffee Oatmeal Stout (Birmingham, AL)
Yuengling Black and Tan (Pottsville, PA)

Scott T’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Good People Snake Handler (Birmingham, AL)
Cahaba Brewing Oka Uba IPA (Birmingham, AL)
WISEACRE Tacky (Memphis, TN)
Anheuser-Busch Natural Light (St. Louis, MO)
Mantra Artisan Amicus (Franklin, TN)
WISEACRE Tiny Bomb (Memphis, TN)

Jack W’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Six-Pack of Good People Brown (Birmingham, AL)

Emily H’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Ghost Train Craft Lager x2 (Birmingham, AL)
Cahaba Brewing Blonde (Birmingham, AL)
Avondale Brewing Spring Street Saison x2 (Birmingham, AL)

Shannon P’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Guinness Draught x3
Bass Ale x3

Doug H’s Ultimate Six-Pack
Sweetwater 420 (Atlanta, GA)
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale (Comstock, MI)
Leffe Blonde (Belgium)
Cahaba Brewing Blonde x2 (Birmingham, AL)
Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils (Longmont, CO)
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