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Multi-concept or multi-store single-concept, NimblePOS has you covered. Managers / owners can roll up daily, weekly, and monthly report summaries for all of their stores so they can see at a glance how they are doing across all of their sites. Menu sync functionality allows for menu management at a single store to roll down to other stores, reducing the overhead and complexity of multi-site management, and reducing the possibility of errors or discrepancies between sites.



NimblePOS can handle your catering needs, including the ability to handle both same-day and future orders, and has the ability to set an order “fire time” when the order will be sent to the kitchen for order preparation. Orders can be directly billed or invoiced through the ledger “house” accounts system.


NimblePOS offers many compelling features for bars and breweries, including configurable age verification options, comprehensive inventory management, item level void tracking, multiple price rules that allow for items to have different prices based on the time of day, day of the week, days of the year, payment method, and many others. NimblePOS can even have an item’s price include taxes or not on a per-rule basis. Combined with the granular taxing and reporting ability of NimblePOS, managers can spend less time working with their accountant and more time focusing on growing their business.


Fast Casual

Fast Casual? No problem for NimblePOS. Many fast casual operations operate as a fusion of fast food, full service, and retail- all of which NimblePOS can handle. Orders can be closed at the register when they are paid but still route to kitchen printers for plating, or left open until the kitchen finishes with them, depending on your work flow.

Liquor Store

NimblePOS can handle your retail store needs, including full barcode support, comprehensive inventory management, and age verification options. The Nimble inventory management system was designed to make it easy for retail operations to check in inventory as it arrives with minimal overhead.


Pizza & Delivery

NimblePOS can manage your Pizza and Delivery based business with its ability to handle the complex item builds common with Pizza restaurants, and with the ability to integrate with multiple delivery companies simultaneously with streamlined menu management and pricing, owners can focus on managing their restaurant and not on managing online ordering providers.

Fast Food

At Nimble, we understand the need of fast food restaurants to carefully manage their cost of goods sold. Nimble’s ingredient management and tracking allows for sites to tightly manage those variable costs to minimize spoilage and sitting inventory. Nimble’s bump bar’s configurable warning and alert highlighting for open orders and items allows cooks, shift/team leads, and managers to stay on top of what is ready and what is still being worked on.  Bump filtering allows for different bump bars / KDS to show different information on open tickets so that your drive through can see entire orders while your grill only sees grill items.


Full Service

NimblePOS excels at supporting full service sites. Individual items can have different prices and availability based on the time of day, day of week, or time of the year to simplify creating time-limited specials and manage lunch vs dinner pricing and availability. Robust inventory management allows for staying on top of ingredient usage, and the built-in color coding of open orders helps servers know when they need to check on their tables. Nimble’s menu system also allows for an order’s side items to have their own modifiers and options, and for a side item to only have to be built once and shared with selected entrees rather than having to manually create and manage duplicate side items for each entree.



Build or Customize your own Point-of-Sale

NimblePOS provides many features that allow our system to fit well into the Enterprise space and meet enterprise-specific requirements. For those customers, NimblePOS allows for private servers and database instances dedicated to those customer’s workloads, either maintained by Nimble or using customer-provided systems. Enterprise customers can have their own app-stores that contain only approved versions of approved apps, and enterprise customers using private servers can have their own update channels and set their own update cadence to fit with their business needs and minimize business risk. In addition, enterprise customers can integrate their own reporting tools into their data stores, and have access to the NimblePOS API if they want to build their own private apps and plug-ins.

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As the best point of sale and restaurant management solution, Nimble will work with you to identify your frustrations with your current system and customize a complete solution that meets your unique needs, leaving no stone left unturned.

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