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Delivery and Pizza POS system from Nimble includes:

  • Customizable menus for substitutions, specials and promotions
  • Caller ID with mapping
  • Complete customer and inventory database
  • CRM with specific service type designations
  • Specific pizza module
  • Online ordering
  • Order and delivery analytics

Nimble offers pizza integrated online ordering, caller ID, online menu building, takeout, delivery, and reporting to increase your restaurant sales.

Whether they’re stuck at work during lunch or getting ready to enjoy a Friday night in with family, customers love a restaurant with delivery services. Your restaurant has the capability to deliver your entire menu with Nimble delivery solution. 

Pizza POS System Features

If you’re a pizzeria or pizza chain, you know that delivery is a major driver for your business. You also know that offering customers unlimited options for customization helps them create and enjoy their perfect pizza. Nimble offers an easy-to-use customization solution that allows you to easily add, remove and substitute toppings, change out the menu and run daily, weekly or monthly specials. If your pizzeria doubles as a sit-down restaurant, you can also provide customers with a quick service option through tablets and table kiosks for instant ordering.

Custom Online Menu Building

Design, create and edit your own custom menu specifically for your delivery or online ordering customers.

Half Pizza Specifications

Nimble pizza solution offers an easy-to-use customization solution that allows online customers to easily add, remove and substitute toppings or modifiers.

Delivery Management

Monitor delivery orders with efficient driver routes and smart time estimates.  Use our CRM to map out routes and locations, establish customer loyalty programs and designate your service type. With Nimble you can also integrate your delivery service with your website and online ordering options to provide a clear-cut experience for new customers and a familiar navigation for returning customers. Our delivery point of sale reporting options will allow you to see your driver’s progress in real-time as well as provide sales forecasts for your most popular delivery times and locations.


Support your restaurant’s business operations with end of the day reports including data on items sold by category, discounts, total sales, and more.  To learn more about Nimble reporting, click here.

Advance Ordering

With our pizza POS system customers have the ability to pre-order a regular pick-up, delivery catering order at anytime day or not. 

Time to make some dough with Nimble. Click here to speak with one of our solutions experts.

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