Make Sure You Do Not Miss Out…

We have recently made some internal changes to our email address in order to streamline our support emails to better serve you.
In making this change, we have noticed that in some cases, support emails are going to spam. To avoid this from happening, please add to your address book. In order to do this, open a new email, and type in the support email address. You will get a drop-down list of email addresses. Find the AEGIS Support email address and click on it. It should be the very top email address. This will add the support email back to your cache. If you are having any problems, please call support.
As always, the most efficient way to get technical help is to call our Worry-Free Support Line at 800.400.2383. Please feel free to contact me with any problems, concerns or questions.
Wendy Bozzelli, Account Management | | 205.368.1333
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