Internal Internet Changes

Over the past year Worry-Free Support calls have increased related to the installation of new broadband modems or updating broadband modems in your store. In an effort to prevent these problems, we would like to outline a process to update any of your internet communications equipment successfully with minimal interruption.

Prior to changing anything pertaining to your internet, please call us first to let us know a change is being made. Any changes, especially with your modem, will affect your credit card processing, gift cards, your reports in Nimble, and ultimately, our ability to help you remotely. In many cases, it will require one of our technicians to come out to update settings and repair if not done properly upfront.  Please inform us before any changes are made so we can work with your internet provider while they are on-site to avoid any potential issues. If, for some reason, there needs to be an on-site visit by us due to internet problems related to a new or upgraded internet installation, there may be a charge for Professional Services rendered.

The process is as follows:

  • Schedule the installation with AEGIS Foundry. The installation needs to be either before or after business hours.
  • Obtain IP/Subnet/DNS information from your internet provider.
  • On the day of the installation, one of our support staff will need to login prior to the installation to pre-configure the firewall settings.
  • Your internet provider will then perform the physical installation.
  • You will then need to power up and test/validate your new equipment.
    • Test Credit Cards
    • Test gift cards
    • Test online ordering
    • Test cameras
    • Test any other internet dependent devices

As a reminder, Nimble requires a static IP address to function properly.

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