Import Information About Your Credit Card Processing

As you are aware, PC Charge support ended in October, 2015. AEGIS has continued to support you with PC Charge and encouraged everyone to upgrade to our SmartPay solution in partnership with Payment Logistics for your credit card processing needs.


As of Friday March 31, 2017 we will no longer support PC Charge. We have partnered with Payment Logistics to provide you an integrated solution for EMV that also protects your business by lowering your PCI exposure and self- assessment requirements. It incorporates technologies like EMV (Chip and Pin), Tokenization and Encryption at swipe. We also provide a web based reporting portal. The 3 credit card upgrades are as follows:

  1. Implement SmartPay solution with Payment Logistics as your credit card processor. (Payment Logistics promises to match or beat your existing rates.) This is the best and most trouble-free and cost-effective solution.
  2. Implement the Payment Logistics Gateway coupled with a credit card processor of your choosing, to tokenize your transactions and become PCI compliant by not storing credit card information in your system.
  3. Implement non-integrated credit card terminals from a processor of your choosing (this option requires double entry of order numbers and transaction amounts.)
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. For your convenience, I am also including contact information for Matt Bruno at Payment Logistics.
  MATT BRUNO Vice President of Sales, Payment Logistics
Direct: 858.200.9631
Toll free: 888.472.9564 ext 231 | fax: 888.772.9564

Payment Logistics is a full service payment integration technology company specializing in EMV, NFC, pay at the table, point to point encryption (P2PE), data security and mobile solutions for point of sale (POS) system developers, value added resellers and merchants.

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