How to Choose an Amazing POS Partner

Every restaurant needs an easy-to-use POS system to increase its profitability and to achieve success. The days of cash-only small shops when servers knew the menu items by heart, when change was handed in person, and when calculations were done by hand – these are all part of the past now. There aren’t that many restaurants now without a Point-of-Sale system.

Whether you are a point-of-sale reseller or a cash register dealer, you want to ensure that you are providing restaurants with an irreplaceable quality of service. You deliver the best service because you genuinely care about your clients and their restaurants. 

However, finding the perfect POS partner may be challenging if you don’t know what exactly you should look for. In this post, Nimble POS shares some of the qualities you should seek in a POS partner: 


A quality partner is persistent with their innovation. Choose a partner with a proven track record for improving their products, providing regular updates, and constantly observing the industry to keep up with the ever-growing needs of restaurants and diners. The ability to meet the demands of customers when they arise makes POS providers indispensable. 

Consistent Profit Margins

You should analyze the profit margins of the POS partner you are considering. After all, you do want to be paid fairly for the work that you’ll do. There are companies with better profit margins than others, so make sure that the company you’re choosing has a suitable commission structure for you. 

Wider and Better Selection of Products

If you want to serve different kinds and sizes of customers, you will need a POS partner that can offer you a range of top-quality products that will make your portfolio look good. Apart from the products themselves, it’s a good idea to find a PO partner that can provide you and your customers access to additional tools that can be integrated with their system. 

High-Quality Support

A prospective POS partner that doesn’t have their own technical support can be very problematic, so you want to steer clear from those. Imagine that you choose them and you provide their products to your clients. When one or more of your clients encounter a problem, they won’t be able to get the support they need straight away. You’ll be left with the task of finding third-party technical support. Even then, you won’t be sure that they’ll do an excellent job of it unless they have experience working with the specific system your clients are using. 

Marketing Support

You already have a lot to worry about, and you don’t want to add the task of coming up with marketing strategies and materials to that. Marketing is a tricky job, and unless you’re an experienced one or have a team of marketers on board, you’ll likely find it quite challenging to handle. It’s simply better to find a POS partner who can provide marketing assistance, too. 


These are just some of the qualities that you should consider when choosing a point-of-the-sales system provider to be your partner. In general, you want to ensure that your chosen POS partner is compatible with you in every sense – from providing you with a wide range of products and paying you fairly to delivering services like tech and marketing support. They should be able to meet your needs and that of your potential clients, too. 

Nimble POS is a complete point-of-sale system tailored for businesses like restaurants, hotels, and others in the hospitality industry on the West Coast. Contact us today to know more about our POS system!

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