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How POS Systems Help Restaurant Service and Checkout

By September 26, 2019Restaurant POS

A customized point of sale system can help an already successful restaurant reach a thriving status.  A POS system can improve your operations dramatically from customer ordering to inventory management to checkout.  Have your customer’s entire experience in one easy process.  Customers can be hard to please at times and even the slightest inconvenience could ruin their dining experience with your restaurant; prevent those frustrations with a point of sale system.

Faster Service and Checkout Time with Point of Sale Systems

Orders taken on a POS system are electronically sent directly to the kitchen.  Obviously this is faster than conventional order taking where servers would have to run tickets back and forth from the dining table to the kitchen.  Once a server enters an order it will immediately begin to print for the kitchen staff to begin to prepare.  This feature is even quickened when handheld devices such as tablets are used to process orders directly at the table of customers.

If a restaurant is running a special offer or discount, entering that into the point of sale system can drastically increase checkout time.  With a push of a button the discount will automatically be applied to that customer’s check without any manual work from the staff.  This can benefit a restaurant greatly during high volume traffic hours like Happy Hours, holidays, etc.

Another automated feature of a restaurant POS systems is the ease it offers for taking multiple orders, combining or splitting checks, modifying orders, and receipt printing.  Without a point of sale system to do this for you, owners would have to rely on the staff to do it correctly and in a timely manner.  This can be a great cause of frustration to customers during their checkout experience, but with a POS to rely on it is quick and easy.  In a fast casual environment point of sale systems allow orders and payment to be taken sequentially.


Keep restaurant wait times low and transaction numbers high with Nimble, the best POS and restaurant manager.  Our flexible point of sale systems will allow your restaurant to function at its highest capacity, while you focus on attending to your customers.  Contact us today to get a customized solution to meet your unique needs.

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