How Do You Start Your Day?

One of the most consistent Support Center calls we get involves starting the day. While starting the day is not difficult, if you have a new employee or someone who is not accustomed to the process, it can be a little confusing. Below are the steps in starting the day, and things to look for before you call the Worry-Free Support Line:

“Starting the Day”

  • Launch RMNX and arrive at the login screen.
  • Input the manager’s password to access the manager’s screen. Here, you’ll see Point of Sale, Start the Day, Daily Accounting, System Manager, etc..
  • In the top-right part of the screen, the previous day’s date will be displayed with CLOSED.
  • If it says OPEN with the previous day’s date, then it has not been properly closed.
  • Click Start the Day (if the previous day hasn’t been closed, a message will appear).
  • A box will appear confirming that the day is being started.
  • After completing, RMNX will return to the login screen.
  • The day is now open.

As always, our support line for all services is Worry-Free Support which is available 24 hours a day | 7 days a week for your support needs. As a reminder, if you have a problem, your options are as follows:

  • Call Worry-Free 24 | 7 Support Line | 800.400.2383. Please leave a message if the line is busy and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Email Worry-Free Support |
  • Call or email you Relationship Manager | Wendy Bozzelli | 205.368.1333 |
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