Are You Getting Run Time Errors?

In an attempt to continue to help with general support issues, I wanted to address an issue that has come up a few times lately. If you get an error message on your terminal that requires you to restart in order to continue the transaction, remember that you can simply reboot the software without restarting the entire terminal. Of course, if time permits, please call our Worry-Free Support Line. In order to troubleshoot the problem so it does not happen in the future, we need to know the error code and the details surrounding the problem. If you are busy and do not have time to call the support line, please take a screen shot of the error code and write down details surrounding the error. This information is needed for our support team to be able to determine a cause and a fix the problem.
As always, the most efficient way to get technical help is to call our Worry-Free Support Line at 800.400.2383. Please feel free to contact me with any problems, concerns or questions.

Wendy Bozzelli, Account Management | | 205.368.1333

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