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Features and Benefits of Brewery Point of Sale Systems

  • Fully customizable for your rotating selections
  • Swift, easy and secure payments
  • Data and reporting
  • Worry-Free Support Center
Craft beer is all the rage these days with microbreweries and craft breweries popping up all across the country. However, just as important your lagers, stouts, pilsners and IPAs are to your brewery’s success, is the need for a robust and reliable point of sale system in your establishment. With the brewery point of sale from Nimble, we provide you the all-in-one, customizable solution that will fill up your business with a new level of confidence and success.

Fully customizable for your rotating selections

The best craft breweries are constantly trying out new beers in either small or limited batches, so you need a POS that will handle these daily or weekly changes. Do not settle for a complicated POS that will hinder your innovation from getting from the brewing area to the people at the bar. You can also create shortcuts for the mainstay and flagship craft beers that your customers are asking for every day. For your new hires, they will never need a manual to work our intuitive point of sale; they can start serving on their first day! Whichever beers you have on tap, you can rest assured knowing that Nimble will help you increase the efficiency and sales of your brewery.

Swift, easy and secure payments

A bartender handles hundreds of orders during a busy night at your brewery, and payments need to be as secure as possible when they are alternating between one-beer requests and tabs. Nimble brewery point of sale allows your staff to juggle these many orders with ease while creating a warm experience for the people they are serving. Bartenders can also become familiar with the regulars through real-time analytics of their favorite drink orders. The brewery-ready tablets give you the ability to save space on your crowded bar. Finally, you need not worry about the many credit, debit and other digital transactions that go on each shift because the partnership Nimble has with Payment Logistics (SmartPAY) keeps your customers’ information secure and your brewery PCI-Compliant. Find out more about SmartPAY here.

Data and reporting

As a craft brewery owner, you constantly want to be aware of what is working for your bottom line. Nimble’ brewery point of sale solution provides 300+ nightly and up-to-the-minute reports for all aspects of your business. Analyze liquor costs and inventory, see when your busiest and slowest sales hours occur and determine which flagship and small batch craft beers are really resonating with your customers. Find out about reporting here (/reports/).

Worry-Free Support Center

We know that technical glitches can occur from time to time, but our 24/7 Worry-Free Support Center is available via telephone anytime and we also can provide thorough onsite service and hardware support. Find out more about our support options here.

Draft Nimble as your point of sale solution provider; you can schedule a demo of our Nimble system by clicking here!

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