Birmingham Restaurants Get Some Delicious Recognition

Any Birmingham native knows that food is served best with a solid dose of Southern Hospitality, whether that be “soul food” or BBQ. These dishes are staples; these same people understand that’s not the whole package.

Because of its current cultural renaissance/reawakening Birmingham restaurants are getting much-deserved praise from publications of note such as the New York Times.

The New York-based Zagat has also given accolades to the Magic City by putting Birmingham at the top for their list of “America’s Next Hot Food Cities“.  According to the article, Birmingham restaurants such as Chris Hastings’ Hot and Hot Fish Club and Clifton Holt’s Little Savannah as well as breweries such as Avondale Brewing Company, Trim Tab and Cahaba Brewing Company helped elevate Alabama’s largest city over other up-and-coming culinary destinations such as Nashville, Detroit and the Minnesota Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Aegis Foundry and Nimble have also admired the growth we’ve seen and tasted throughout our hometown and have been privileged to work with amazing restaurants and breweries such as Maki Fresh and Good People Brewing Company. The future is bright for Birmingham in all aspects, and we can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

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