December 2021

Nimble – The Ideal Solution for Enterprise POS IT Departments

Introduction The Enterprise restaurant landscape is vastly different than the mom-and-pop store and small chain landscape. A true Enterprise grade point of sale system must meet requirements that are not easily or readily met with most commercial off the shelf (COTS) POS systems. Nimble, however, was designed to be Enterprise IT friendly. This white paper

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Grouping Items – Deep Dive

Introduction Managing ingredients is a key part of proper menu management. Some ingredients are shared between different menu items, some items can be substituted for other ingredients, while other items are unique to a single dish. In order to best leverage the Nimble tagging system when designing a menu, care should be taken up-front to

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Contactless Payment

The case for Contactless Payments WIP Level: Basic What is a contactless payment? A contactless payment is any form of payment that does not rely on the customer physically interacting with a store payment device or handing over cash or credit / debit cards over to a cashier or wait staff. Forms of Contactless Payment

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